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MBA Reunion - September 2023

MBA Reunion - September 2023

It was a pleasure to have you back to IMD!

Below you will find the details for list of participants, agenda, some presentations and pictures.

Please let me know if you have any questions 

Warmest regards from Lausanne and we hope to see you soon,

Your Alumni team


Agenda per class (Last update - September 7th)

 *Note: Each Class has their own agenda, as for the afternoon program is tailor-made per class. This is still a draft agenda.

List of participants (Last update - September 7th)

Please find the list of All the participant here.


Prof. Michael Yaziji

Prof. Didier Bonnet 

Prof. Arturo Bris

Dr. Christine Weinmann

Prof. Heather Cairns-Lee & Kamran Kashani

Prof. Alyson Meister


Please find here pictures taken during the day.

MBA 1993 serious picture & MBA 1993 fun picture

MBA IMEDE 1988 serious picture & MBA IMEDE 1988 fun picture

MBA IMEDE 1983 serious picture & MBA IMEDE 1983 fun picture


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